Technical Analysis Platform.

NamaaZone technical analysis platform crowned a cumulative experience of understanding traders needs in a volatility market, The platform is designed in an innovative way and based on artificial intelligence algorithms software


The platform automatically provides hundreds of daily reports that monitor financial market trends according to the best accepted technical analysis methods,  with Target accuracy exceeds 80%, shows support & resistance levels, and technical chart that displays key price levels


The platform provides daily analysis of more than 170 financial assets from various financial markets in an easy and simplified way to include

  • 55 pairs of major economic currencies such as the Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, and the Swiss franc
  • 11 Global and local index
  • 6 of commodities like oil and gold
  • 20 global stock, like  Facebook, Tesla, Google, Apple, Microsoft
  • 70 leading local stock, including 15 stock of the UAE, 33 stock of the Saudi market, 10 stock of the Kuwaiti market, 12 stock of the Qatari market
  • 10 of leading in Crypto-currencies


The technical platform offers professional free solutions for our community and real value to investors looking for the best daily trading opportunities in various financial markets




Analysis Service

Its a free service for technical consultation provided by NamaaZone to the website visitors.

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NamaaZone provides a range of integrated trading solutions in local and global financial markets