Anti-Fraud Brokers

Anti-Fraud Brokers

The first successful step in trading in global markets is to choose the right financial intermediary


With the breadth of the world of money and business around the world and the large number of companies offering trading services in the global markets of the Forex, it may seem very difficult for any new trader to know the financial strength of these companies and the fact and strength of their licenses and regulations , Unfortunately, many delusional companies tempt new traders in various ways to open trading accounts with them for the purpose of FRAUD and SCAM. and ultimately will be the loss of the investments of hundreds of millions through the choice of non-security business partner and the unreliable financial intermediary, while at the same time it causes a serious damage to the FOREX industry and direct damage to investors around the world.


Based on our social responsibility towards the Arab traders' societies in particular, And members of the NamaZone Sustainable Knowledge Society

  • We offer our services and our full sponsorship to protect and educate investors against the risks of falling into the trap of fraudulent brokerage firms. The traders who have been involved with fictitious companies and lost their investments can request free consultation and contact us with details. The team will study the cases and provide the best legal and procedural solutions to try to restore the rights. It is important to emphasize that we do not charge any commission or fees for this work


  • We offer free consultation services to choose the reliable financial intermediary to meet your needs in trading in the international and local markets. You can request the investigation of unauthorized and suspicious financial intermediaries before engaging them and opening unsecured trading accounts with them.



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