Crypto-Currency Investments

Crypto-Currency Investments

Digital Coins Cryptocurrency

One of the most promising opportunities we offer to our customers in Namaa Zone, which is a valuable warehouse that arises from the acceptance of its customers and is used mainly in online shopping and money transfer around the world using Blockchain Technology, many experts believe that this new digital technology may be The Future


One of the most popular digital currencies available to invest and trade as real NOT CFDs


The following services represent additional added value for our customers



Namaa Zone Program for Trading Cryptocurrency 

We put our expertise in this field in the service of our clients by providing a range of integrated solutions that provide time and effort to reach the goals and trade Crypto : -


  • Best international trading platform licensed and approved by FCA, CySEC, ESMA, MiFID, ASIC 
  • The best and easiest mechanisms (buy / sell) and high levels of protection 
  • A high level of transparency through the smart social trading platform where millions of traders share their experiences and experiences
  • Risk management excluding margin trading and leverage on digital currencies


Join more than 30 Million traders



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Special services for senior investors

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Analysis Service

Its a free service for technical consultation provided by NamaaZone to the website visitors.

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NamaaZone provides a range of integrated trading solutions in local and global financial markets