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Crypto currencies
The explosion of the bubble finishes the month of honey digital currencies, when the next boarding?

Pat Ilon Mask and his comers to manipulate the digital currency market excessively in a market that... Read more

World Markets
The official launch of the ChartZone technical recommendations app

During our long period of work in the field of financial markets, we found that most traders lose th... Read more

Gulf Markets
Touristic Enterprises Company (4170) - 06 October

Current price: 196.80 Key point: 194.70 Our preferred direction: buying positions at the highest lev... Read more

Gulf Markets
Jarir Marketing Company (4190) - October 6th

Current price: 178.00 Key point: 175.00 Our preferred direction: long positions at the highest level... Read more

World Markets
TSLA - October 5, 2022

Current price: 249 Key point: 257 Our preferred direction: long positions at the highest levels of 2... Read more

World Markets
EURCHF - 5 October 2022

Current price: 0.9770 Key point: 0.9785 Our preferred direction: short positions below 0.9785 levels... Read more

World Markets
GOLD - October 5, 2022

Current price: 1706 Key point: 1728 Our preferred direction: short positions below 1728 levels, targ... Read more


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