Economic news

Economic News

World Markets
Tesla shares lose $12.3 billion in one trading session

Tesla's stock fell to its lowest level this year, losing $12.3 billion and CEO Elon Musk losing a... Read more

World Markets
Oil is rebounding after two days of decline

International oil prices rose during trading Thursday, amid hopes that the planned easing of epidemi... Read more

World Markets
SABIC (2010) - May 18

Key point: 118.00 Our preferred direction: short positions below the level of 118.00 riyals, targe... Read more

World Markets
Japan's economy shrank 1% in the first quarter

Recent data showed that the Japanese economy contracted for the first time since two quarters in the... Read more

World Markets
Expectations of a big jump in gasoline prices in the United States

JP Morgan expects gasoline prices at US gas stations to jump 37% in August. US fuel prices are e... Read more

World Markets
Oil rises in the morning, supported by the recovery of demand in China

Oil prices rose more than a dollar a barrel in early Asian trade today, Wednesday, supported by hope... Read more

World Markets
Sri Lankan Prime Minister: Oil stocks in the country are enough for one day

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, located in the Asian continent and suffering a severe economic cris... Read more

World Markets
The United States provides $40 billion in aid to Ukraine

The US Senate on Monday approved an additional $40 billion in aid to Ukraine; for its support in the... Read more

World Markets
Gold falls to its lowest level since January

Gold prices witnessed on Monday, a decline of more than 1% to its lowest level since late January, w... Read more

World Markets
Profit taking brings down oil prices

Oil prices fell today, Monday, giving up previous gains, as investors booked profits after prices ro... Read more

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