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Global foreign exchange reserves lose a trillion dollars

Global foreign exchange reserves have fallen at the fastest rate ever, as central banks intervene to... Read more

World Markets
Gold rises as Treasury yields fall

Gold prices rose today, Thursday, in conjunction with the decline in the yield on US Treasury bonds.... Read more

World Markets
Fitch lowers its outlook for Britain's debt to negative

Credit rating agency Fitch has lowered its outlook for Britain's sovereign debt from stable to n... Read more

World Markets
Goldman Sachs raises its forecast for US economic growth

Goldman Sachs raised its forecast for US economic growth in the third quarter of this year by 1% to... Read more

World Markets
“OPEC +” decides to reduce production by two million barrels per day, starting from November

OPEC + issued a statement, yesterday, Wednesday, in which it clarified that the group’s ministers de... Read more

World Markets
New Zealand raises interest rates by 50 points to 3.5%

Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank of New Zealand raised interest rates in the country by 50 basis p... Read more

World Markets
IMF Managing Director: 2023 will be more difficult than we expected

Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, predicted that the year... Read more

World Markets
Gold rose to its highest level in 3 weeks

Gold prices rose during today's trading, reaching their highest level in three weeks, with the d... Read more

World Markets
Oil prices rise amid expectations that “OPEC +” will cut production

Global oil prices witnessed a rise in Asian trading during trading on Tuesday, amid expectations tha... Read more

World Markets
Warning of an upcoming collapse of US stocks

Michael Bury, the head of Scion Asset Management, who was best known for his prediction of the globa... Read more

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