Supporting NamaaZone Community

Supporting NamaaZone Community

The idea of self-trading in the financial and international markets may seem risky to new traders, especially with the daily high volatility market ,  Making an investment decision wrong or unaware of the events may cost you the loss of all your investments or much of it  , Based on this idea
This is why it is important to establish and support the NamaaZone community for sustainable knowledge and work professionally with our community members to ensure that they make the right decisions and protect them from market volatility through risk identification strategies
We are proud of our community of traders and offer direct support for their exclusive and free privileges
  • Deal with the best licensed and authorized financial intermediaries
  • Get the best competitive price spreads 
  • Get promotional offers and special discounts
  • Get access to markets introduction courses  
  • Get special promotions for Namaa Zone
  • Access to free technical training courses 
  • Direct support and personal communication
  • Provide the best advice and solutions to float the losing positions by determining the Risk/Return ratio
  • Free membership of $ 420 in the NamaaZone Technical Analysis Platform, which provides daily hundreds of technical reports covering local and global markets
  • Free membership in the NamaaZone news channel, which provides coverage of the latest economic news


We also put our expertise in the service of our community, where NamaaZone team provides integrated solutions to help members of our Sustainable Knowledge community to open trading accounts with our trusted partners in various financial markets with personal support and follow-up through


  • Trading Account in the global markets for currencies, commodities, and metals (Forex)
  • Trading Account in local stock markets (UAE market and Saudi market)
  • Trading Accounts in the Crypto-Currency markets (Crypto)


We coordinate opening the accounts with authorized and accredited local and international financial intermediaries within the best standards, This free service is not intended to manage accounts or others investments, but rather to guide and educate the members of the NamaaZone community on how to take advantage of the opportunities and realize the market risks


You're joining today to the NamaaZone Sustainable Knowledge Community will provide you with a fertile environment of information and care that will have a positive impact by efficiently controlling and rationalizing your investment decisions



Analysis Service

Its a free service for technical consultation provided by NamaaZone to the website visitors.

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NamaaZone provides a range of integrated trading solutions in local and global financial markets