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Will gold remain a safe haven asset?

Gold has long been a source of controversy and contention am.. Read more

Global trade is expected to decline in the coming months

The economics department of Qatar National Bank (QNB) said t.. Read more

The euro is below the dollar .. the lowest level in 20 years

For the first time in 20 years, the euro fell below $1 on Tu.. Read more

"OPEC"...The pressures of supply shortage will continue next year

OPEC expected global demand for oil to increase next year, b.. Read more

Economic News

World Markets
Gold is rising strongly despite the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike

After the Fed's statements yesterday regarding the approaching pause in the cycle of raising int... Read more

Gulf Markets
Gulf central banks are following in the footsteps of the "Fed" and raising interest by a quarter of a point

Central banks in the Gulf caught up with the US Federal Reserve in raising interest rates by a quart... Read more

World Markets
The US Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 0.25%.

The US central bank (the Federal Reserve) has raised interest rates again, despite fears that the mo... Read more

Gulf Markets
The Saudi stock market rose for the third time in a row, amid improved liquidity

The Saudi stock market ended the trading session, today, Tuesday, with a noticeable increase, to rec... Read more

World Markets
Cryptocurrencies .. on the rise with the continuation of the banking crisis, and Bitcoin in first place

Bitcoin witnessed a sudden rise during the past week, reaching $28,000 on Sunday, which means that t... Read more

UAE Markets
Dubai Financial Market.. and a fixed new policy for the distribution of profits approved by shareholders

The General Assembly of the Dubai Financial Market Company, in its meeting today, Tuesday, headed by... Read more

World Markets
The stability of the dollar near its lowest level in 5 weeks before the Federal Reserve's decision

The dollar settled near its lowest level in five weeks on Wednesday, ahead of the conclusion of the... Read more

UAE Markets
The share of “Dana Gas” rose 5% after recommending cash dividends for the second half of 2022

The share of Dana Gas rose during trading today, Tuesday, coinciding with the Board of Directors’ re... Read more

World Markets
Gold prices rise as investors focus on the Federal Reserve meeting

Gold prices rose on Tuesday as investors await the meeting of the Federal Reserve (the US central ba... Read more

World Markets
Asian stock indices rose as immediate concerns dissipated

Moderately positive risk sentiment returned to Asian equity markets on Tuesday, as immediate concern... Read more

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