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Crypto currencies
New US legislation to enable more oversight of cryptocurrency markets

A panel of top US regulators from Congress is set to pass laws to enable more direct oversight of cr... Read more

Crypto currencies
Binance and Kazakhstan sign a memorandum of understanding to combat financial crime

Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Financial S... Read more

Crypto currencies
"Terra Luns" jumps 100% in less than a week... and an expected correction wave

The Terra Lonce Coin (LUNC/USD) jumped from $0.0001825 on September 26 to $0.0003613 on Sunday, an i... Read more

Crypto currencies
Binance opens new offices in New Zealand

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it has registered as a financial service provider in New Zealan... Read more

Crypto currencies
Arrest warrant for the founder of the cryptocurrency "Luna"

South Korean authorities have announced that Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for the co-founde... Read more

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin climbs back above $20,000

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose again during trading today, Tuesday, to exceed the level of 20 thous... Read more

Crypto currencies
US Crypto Exchange Acquires Voyager Digital's Assets for $1.4 Billion

FTX US, the digital asset exchange founded by billionaire Sam Pinkman Fred, has won the auction for... Read more

Crypto currencies
Potential $100M deal between Bitcoin Mining Iris Energy and B Rayleigh

Australia-based bitcoin miner Iris Energy has announced the signing of an agreement with B Riley Pri... Read more

Crypto currencies
Russian bill allows cryptocurrency to be used in international trade

Russian Finance Ministry official Ivan Chepskov has provided new details about a crypto bill current... Read more

Crypto currencies
Sharp drop in the cryptocurrency market

A sharp decline swept the cryptocurrency market on Monday, with fears of a wave of monetary tighteni... Read more

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