Economic news

Economic News

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin continues to decline amid market pessimism

Bitcoin is down again, moving along with weakening stock markets amid growing concerns about a globa... Read more

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin continues to rise to 21 thousand dollars

Cryptocurrencies continue to rise, and Bitcoin is leading the rise, after it managed to breach the $... Read more

Crypto currencies
A new cryptocurrency is causing chaos in the digital market

A controversial new cryptocurrency has caused havoc in the digital asset market, but this time, it's... Read more

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin rises 16% after a series of record declines

According to Arab Net, the largest cryptocurrency in the world rose by 16% yesterday,... Read more

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin loses more than 72% of its value.

Bitcoin price fell on Sunday morning as investors avoided risky assets amid nervous global markets.... Read more

Crypto currencies
Coinbase Facing Class Actions Over Troubled Stable Coins

A class action lawsuit was filed against Coinbase last weekend, alleging that the exchange was negli... Read more

Crypto currencies
Coinbase cuts staff by 18% due to bear market

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, officially announced Tuesday that he has made the difficult decisi... Read more

Crypto currencies
Cryptocurrency drops due to US inflation

Inflation in the United States, which reached its highest level in 40 years, sent bitcoin and ether... Read more

Crypto currencies
CoinCenter sues US Treasury over financial espionage

CoinCenter, a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit blockchain advocacy group, has filed a lawsuit aga... Read more

Crypto currencies
PayPal allows you to transfer digital currencies to external wallets

After introducing the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on its platform in October 2020, PayP... Read more

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