Lecturer Word

Lecturer Word

(The man is still a scholar as long as he searches for science and becomes ignorant when he thinks he has acquired science)

We seek through these intensive technical courses to spread the correct investment culture and shed light on the fundamentals of the science and art of technical analysis of the financial markets in order to predict the direction of the future market and correct the concepts that may be incorrect. If it is impossible to be sure what tomorrow will bring, Future Sciences The science of economics and business management, for example, depends on the development of the feasibility study of any project on the assumptions and expectations of the future as well as the art of technical analysis, which we do not exaggerate if we say that the study of the study of human behavior we all moved feelings that control our decisions in the alive And the discovery of what will be done by traders in the market towards a certain position is not a disgrace, but a flag that has assets that we read simply through the trade all the wishes and fears and secrets and plans of traders decree there and visible to each rational mind one image to less than a thousand words The search for the truth is not only by looking for the new scenes or by exploring the secrets of the Jordan Valley, but by looking at new eyes around us, we will discover a new reality that has been around us all the time, but we are preoccupied with its realization. I have found many traffickers in the market, They have little time to educate themselves before they enter the market, while they have a lot of money to lose in the market. Like a fighter who goes to war without a weapon, the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is not the preference and the differentiation of their ideas but the courage to take a calculated risk. Only with experience, effort and knowledge is the only way to achieve wealth and triumphalism in the battle of bears and bulls.

Eyad ArIf (Trend XP)
Technical Analyst and Certified Lecturer

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