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Will gold remain a safe haven asset?

Gold has long been a source of controversy and contention am.. Read more

Global trade is expected to decline in the coming months

The economics department of Qatar National Bank (QNB) said t.. Read more

The euro is below the dollar .. the lowest level in 20 years

For the first time in 20 years, the euro fell below $1 on Tu.. Read more

"OPEC"...The pressures of supply shortage will continue next year

OPEC expected global demand for oil to increase next year, b.. Read more

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Eyad Arif
Bitcoin decline hits the markets, so where is the goal?? Who will lead the next stage??

Yesterday, August 17, the digital currency market was exposed to a large selling wave, during which... Read more

Eyad Arif
Tesla is holding the next genie strongly, so where is the big goal??

It seems that Tesla stock is on a date with a prosperous year during 2023, to return to strong gains... Read more

Eyad Arif
Gold between the Fed's moves and economic concerns

It seems that gold investors are not yet convinced that the Federal Reserve will soon stop raising i... Read more

Eyad Arif
Is bank earnings season driving the US stock market higher?

Global stock markets are going through a stage full of pressures and challenges, and they need more... Read more

Eyad Arif
The harvest of 2022 business between market fluctuations and policy challenges

The least we can describe 2022 is that it is a year of fluctuations, as no asset class, from stocks... Read more

Eyad Arif
Tesla shares between Elon Musk's ambitions and Twitter's challenges

Tesla stock continues its sharp fluctuations that have become usual this year, which investors in th... Read more

Eyad Arif
The reasons for the return of the rise of oil despite the fears of recession, so where is the next path?

Oil prices have rebounded in recent weeks, with Brent crude close to re-entering $100 a barrel level... Read more

Eyad Arif
Will the earnings season be a start to pull the markets out of the stagnation well??

The US stock market breathed its last week from the continued pressures of recession fears and high... Read more

Eyad Arif
Amazon stock under the microscope, Amazon, and an investment opportunity

The slowdown in sales afflicts the Amazon stock.. What about the next? Amazon stock struggles bet... Read more

Eyad Arif
The specter of losses is chasing the Tesla arrow, so where is the target??

The Tesla stock has always attracted the attention of investors and analysts, because of the strong... Read more

Eyad Arif
The ambition of the metaverse plunges the Facebook arrow into the dark basement

Was changing the name of Facebook to dead a bad omen??!! The red color has dominated the stock’s per... Read more

Eyad Arif
Oil is between the hammer of stagnation and the anvil of supply. Who is the biggest winner??

Oil prices have received a severe blow in recent weeks that made them erase all the gains they gaine... Read more

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