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Namaa Zone is a community of sustainable Knowledge in the financial market , specializes website in providing daily technical reports forecasting trend direction in the local and global markets  according to the fundamentals and technical analysis methods of classical and modern, and we offer a series of important economic news

Our aim is to employ our experience in the financial markets in order to spread investment and technical awareness and provide high-quality services through the Internet. We aim to protect investors around the world by providing awareness of the dangers of dealing with fictitious companies and publishing professional technical information in a professional manner.

No, Namazone is a community of sustainable knowledge formed by a group of professional people with long experience in the financial markets interact with members of their community to guide them and raise investment awareness, We offer our services through the internet for the whole world so we do not need a license from any specific local or regional financial institution to create our interactive community


We are a house of expertise that provides our technical opinion in the expected trends of the local and international markets based on systematic and scientific bases according to the rules of technical analysis adopted

Yes, All the services we offer from consulting, reporting and coverage to market news and news channel are free and we seek to keep a large margin of our work free of charge for our sense of responsibility and commitment to our community of sustainable knowledge 

No, we are not a financial intermediary either locally or globally . We do not offer brokerage services for any investment instruments. We are a consultancy and investment experience house , We introduce our knowledge to members of our interactive community

No, We are subject to the laws of European bodies as well as the laws of anti-money laundering , So we do not receive any fund or money transfers for the purpose of investment for others, because we are not financial intermediaries and we do not have a license for this capacity, we are only a house of expertise and technical advice and aim to disseminate investment awareness for our knowledge community members 


All the money we receive to cover the operational expenses of our team comes from international companies , that have a reputable reputation and are licensed to enjoy the full financial control of those who organize their work , in accordance with international conventions to combat money laundering and reduce cybercrime

Yes ,  because of our privileged relationship with the world's leading licensed companies, we are working as a business agent and regional partner for a number of international companies with strong and reputable business licenses. Our aim is to raise awareness of trademarks and introduce our community  to those financial products provided by our partners


We also seek permanent funding for advertising and exclusive offers from sponsoring companies which constitute an additional free benefit to members of our community without incurring any fees for that

No, We seek to establish a different concept of social responsibility and justice through a valid relationship to support the members of our community and increase their profits , by providing real value services through the huge amount of information published on our site daily.

We also offer free membership in the technical analysis platform, most importantly, we guarantee that there is no increase in price spreads borne by members of our community on any of our partners trading platforms , because we receive financial support from the sponsoring companies , so all our services to our community considered free and bear the burden of any direct gains an additional benefit when joining us

The approved companies we deal with

  • eToro UK-based licensed by the world's top regulators and offers a range of unique financial products, including trading in cryptocurrencies as well as other financial products Namaa Zone is CRP certified regional  partner  



You can open an account through the advertisements posted on our website, which ensures that you get our services free of charge for members of our community, or through the request to open an account and we will communicate with you and study all your needs

Yes, The traders of our community can trade on his own. In fact, we encourage this through our support for his trade. We provide all the technical support he needs to build his decision in trading through all the services we provide, but the trader must have the minimum technical knowledge of trading assets. we advise our community traders to opens several demo accounts and trains them before thinking about trading and putting real money

NO , We adhere to the European Securities and Markets Authority  (esma), which does not allow unauthorized individuals or entities to manage portfolios and individual investments

We are keen on providing all the tools and information that enable our community members to make the best decisions to deal with successive changes in the local and international financial markets

No, we are NOT a trading platform for any global asset or cryptocurrency, we are not a financial intermediary. We only provide a technical analysis of the markets. We also guide those who wish to trade and introduce them too licensed brokerage companies with reputable business reputation and provide them with support and assistance in opening their accounts with these companies, And then provide all the necessary information to take the correct investment decision , Which ultimately aims to enhance their ability to generate profits and avoid risks

Analysis Service

Its a free service for technical consultation provided by NamaaZone to the website visitors.

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NamaaZone provides a range of integrated trading solutions in local and global financial markets