Al-Ansari Financial Services Company announced, on Thursday, the price range for shares offered for public subscription in the Dubai Financial Market, between one dirham and 1.03 dirhams, so that the total offering ranges between 750 million dirhams (204 million dollars) and 773 million dirhams (210 million dollars), according to Statement from the company.

The company aims to offer 750 million shares, representing 10 percent of its total capital, with the possibility of increasing the size of the offering, so that Al Ansari Holding will retain 90 percent of the shares after the end of the offering.

According to the price range announced by the company, its market value upon listing will range between 7.5 billion dirhams (about $2 billion) and 7.73 billion dirhams (2.1 billion dollars).

Al-Ansari's public offering is the first in the Dubai market this year, after a year of momentum in the UAE markets during the past year.