Today, Bitcoin achieved a new price peak at $ 9100, then we began to notice profit-taking operations on the currency that are now returning to us to $ 8280, as is the case on various digital currencies

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The important question now remains, what happens after 9,000 ??

Is the cryptocurrency bullish wave over ?? And Halima returned to her old habit (as it is said) ??

wave It can be said that the first bullish wave consisting of five internal waves of Bitcoin has been achieved from the low of 3200 to the high of $ 9100, and thus the return to trading below the level of $ 7880 and $ 7735 will be the first signs to expect the start of price correction operations, which We think it could be extended to reach $ 5480 and $ 5275 during the next period.

In our opinion, the current ascending process coincided with the bullish momentum in the trading volumes in a positive manner. The crosses of the moving averages and the technical indicators on the weekly and daily basis indicate a positive and healthy state.

Therefore, we believe that the market may provide a good opportunity, and it may be the last for those who want to catch the train and ride the wave, one of its best expected stops, and this is what we hope our friends and community members will benefit from.

Therefore, the answer to the question at the beginning of the report : What comes after $ 9,000?

Answer: Starting to $ 12,900 and $ 15,200 during the coming period, with the expectation of a price correction before this expected launch that will bring us back to levels between $ 6,200 and $ 5,200, we advise all friends and members Our society collects in these price levels and awaits the second start, which will extend, with the help of God, to reach 15 thousand dollars for Bitcoin, and we believe that this rise may correspond to the rise in the market value of all digital currencies to the level of 450 billion dollars

Some digital currencies have achieved a rise in the past months by more than 200% and 300%, while other currencies achieved lower rates of rise, and therefore we advise our friends and members of our community to reap partial profits on currencies that have achieved a breakthrough and repositioning In currencies that did not achieve high rates of rise, and look forward to more beautiful rises in the coming period ...