Saudi Tadawul announced that Armah Sports Company shares will be listed and begin trading in Nomu - the parallel market, starting Thursday, November 30, with the trading code 9590 and the international code SA15TGE4LR12, and that the daily price fluctuation limits will be +/- 30%, with fixed limits applied. The price fluctuation is +/- 10%.

On November 22 of this year, Saudi Fransi Capital, in its capacity as the financial advisor and subscription manager for the offering of shares of Armah Sports Company, announced the completion of the offering process for 4.927 million ordinary shares, representing 15% of the company’s shares, at an offering price of 28 Saudi riyals per share, where the coverage ratio reached 404% of the total shares offered during the offering period.

The Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) announced the addition of the securities subscribed to by Armah Sports Company on November 27 to the center’s accounts for eligible shareholders.