The main Saudi stock index continued its trading in the green zone, and closed up 59.08 points, or 0.6 percent, to close at 11,081.97 points, with trades worth 6.4 billion riyals ($1.71 billion).

The volume of shares traded amounted to 247 million shares, with the shares of 142 companies recording an increase in value, while the shares of 72 companies closed with a decline.

The Saudi parallel stock index (Nomu) closed up 476.55 points to close at 23,605.93 points, with trades worth 19 million riyals ($5.07 million), and the amount of shares traded reached more than 1.7 million shares.

Shares of real estate companies

Banker Bassem Al-Yassin explained that the local market continues to achieve important gains, and was able during this week to exceed 11 thousand points, which may lead to further increases that will continue during the fourth quarter, indicating that the incentives would push investors to have more confidence, including the request of the Capital Market Authority. A survey of public opinion on the controls on foreign investors owning shares in real estate companies listed on the financial market that have investment properties in Mecca and Medina, and received positive interaction during daily transactions. The controls require giving foreign investors the opportunity to own shares according to certain aspects and specific ownership ratios, and real estate companies. Concerned are Thebes, Mecca, the City of Knowledge, and Jabal Omar.

Saudi Aramco shares are back on the rise

Regarding trading, financial affairs researcher Nasser Al-Muhammad indicated that the energy sector returned to the rise, and Saudi Aramco shares recorded an increase at 33.65 riyals ($8.97), or 0.45 percent, and trades topped $538 million ($143.45 million), or 8.34 percent of the total market. At a time when oil prices fell, continuing the losses that began in the previous session, amid indications of rising supplies from the United States and concerns about the decline in energy demand from Asia, and Brent crude futures fell to $80.90 per barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude fell. US to $76.35 per barrel.

The rise of the banking sector

Nasser Al-Mohammed added that the banking sector continued its gains, and Al Rajhi Bank shares rose by one percent at 74.50 riyals ($19.86), amid trading of about 6.3 million shares, worth 470 million riyals ($125.32 million), and shares of Knowledge City, Jabal Omar, Taiba, and Mecca ended. Construction, Sumou Real Estate and Red Sea, which are listed within the real estate management and development sector, traded at an increase of between four and seven percent, and Atheeb Communications shares closed at 160 riyals ($42.66), up five percent.

Al-Baha stock rose the most

The shares of Al-Baha, City of Knowledge, Taiba, Jabal Omar, and Atheeb Communications companies rose the most, while the shares of the Paper Industry, Abu Moati, Al-Kathiri, Saudi Electricity, and Aseej companies declined the most in trading, as the rise and fall rates ranged between 7.69 and 2.81 percent.

While the shares of Saudi Aramco, Shams, Americana, Jabal Omar, and Al Ahli were the most active in quantity, and the shares of Saudi Aramco, Al Rajhi, Atheeb Telecommunications, Al Ahli, and Jabal Omar were the most active in value.

Kuwait Stock Exchange closes higher

On the other hand, the Kuwait Stock Exchange closed its trading with its general index rising by 8.70 points, reaching the level of 6642.26 points, an increase of 0.13 percent, and 201.5 million shares were traded through the execution of 13,431 cash transactions worth 54.8 million Kuwaiti dinars ($167.14 million).

On the other hand, the main market index fell by 5.36 points to reach the level of 5,407.27 points, a decline of 0.10 percent, through the trading of 88 million shares through the implementation of 5,083 cash transactions worth 14.9 million Kuwaiti dinars ($45.4 million).

In addition, the Premier Market Index rose 14.03 points to reach the level of 7,292.17 points, an increase of 0.19 percent, through the trading of 113.5 million shares through the implementation of 8,348 transactions worth 39.9 million Kuwaiti dinars ($121.6 million).

In parallel, the (Main 50) index decreased by about 12.44 points to reach the level of 5,295.67 points, a decrease of 0.23 percent, through the trading of 73.5 million shares through the implementation of 4,204 cash deals worth 13.8 million Kuwaiti dinars ($42 million).

The Doha index rose 0.42 percent

In Doha, the Qatar Stock Exchange index rose at the end of trading by 0.42 percent, by 42.58 points, to reach the level of 10,221.48 points. During the session, 215.183 million shares were traded, with a value of 621.504 million riyals ($170.70 million), as a result of implementing 22,176 transactions in all sectors. .

The shares of 24 companies rose during the session, while the prices of 17 other companies decreased, and six companies maintained their previous closing prices, and the market capitalization at the end of the trading session reached 597.586 billion riyals ($164.13 billion), compared to 596 billion riyals ($163.69 billion) in the previous session. .

Marginal gains in Manama

In Manama, the Bahrain General Index closed at the level of 1,946.52, an increase of 1.45 points above the previous closing rate due to the increase in the telecommunications sector index, while the Bahrain Islamic Index closed at the level of 741.75, an increase of 1.85 points above its previous closing rate.

The quantity of shares traded amounted to 730 thousand shares with a total value of 199,103 thousand Bahraini dinars ($528.25 thousand), which were executed through 21 transactions. Investor activity was concentrated in trading in financial sector shares, as the value of its traded shares amounted to 68.65 percent of the total value of the securities. Traded financials.

Abu Dhabi market rises

In addition, the Abu Dhabi Securities Market index closed up by 0.4 percent at 9,607 points, with trades amounting to about one billion dirhams ($272.27 million), and Abu Dhabi’s first stock closed up by 0.7 percent, with trades exceeding five million shares, while Borouge stock closed at Its previous price, with trading exceeding 11 million shares.

ADNOC Distribution's stock fell by 0.3 percent, with trades of approximately 11 million shares, while Ras Al Khaimah Properties' stock rose by about one percent, with trades of nearly eight million shares. The most traded stock was Multiplay, down by 1.1 percent, with trades of more than 26 million shares.

Stocks rise in Dubai

The Dubai Financial Market index closed up by 0.6 percent at the level of 3,984 points, with a total value of trades amounting to 328 million dirhams ($89.30 million), and Emaar Properties shares closed up by 1.1 percent, with trades exceeding 13 million shares, while Union Properties shares rose by 2.2 percent. percent, with trades approaching 23 million shares.

Amanat shares fell by six percent, with trades of nearly 17 million shares, while Emirates NBD shares rose by 0.8 percent, with trades of nearly three million shares.