This year, the Dubai Financial Market recorded its best performance in the last eight years, with a growth of 22.6 percent, topping the region’s markets.

By the end of last June, the ownership percentage of foreign investors reached 20 percent of the total market value, while the strong semi-annual performance of the market was reinforced by increasing support from investment institutions, which acquired a large percentage of 57 percent of the total trading value, according to a press release.

Trading activities led by international investors in the Dubai Financial Market amounted to 48 percent of total trading during the first half of this year.

It announced an increase in its net profits by 77 percent during the first half of 2023, by attracting 25,699 new investors, of whom foreign investors constitute 74 percent.

The Dubai Financial Market announced the organization of the third session of the Global Investors Conference for the year 2023 in Singapore for the first time, in order to provide investors with the opportunity to meet senior representatives of the Dubai Financial Market on Singapore Island.

The Dubai Financial Market Conference for Global Investors is being held in cooperation with Goldman Sachs within the framework of the Singapore Corporate Days 2023, affirming the Dubai Financial Market’s commitment to expanding the scope of communication and interaction with global investors to demonstrate the strength of the capital markets in the Emirate of Dubai.

The conference will witness opportunities for direct personal communication and small meetings, to facilitate the exchange of information and meaningful dialogues.

The organization of the Dubai Financial Market Conference for Global Investors in Singapore follows the success achieved by the previous session of the conference, which was recently organized by the Dubai Financial Market in London last June, and witnessed the holding of 87 individual meetings with senior representatives of more than 100 global investment funds representing 231 Investing around the world.