Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) has launched a blockchain-based customer acceptance platform with Swedish networking and telecom company Ericsson.

According to a press release posted on Ericsson's website, Ericsson's approach to customer acceptance automates the collection of acceptance records when project results are completed. The announcement also stated that the Bahraini company (Batelco) is the first telecom service provider to deploy this solution.

Ericsson claims that its blockchain-based solution simplifies acceptance-related activities, reducing the time spent in the process by up to 42%. In addition, the service also contributes to sustainability by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the need for customers to visit in real life to complete the process.

For his part, the General Manager of Technology at Bahrain's (Batelco) said: We have seen the benefits of deploying [the solution], by streamlining our daily activities and achieving faster installation and completion of projects, which enables us to offer the latest technology to our customers more efficiently.

As for Ericsson's President in the GCC, Nicholas Blixel, he said that their solutions aim to provide speed, accuracy, sustainability and efficiency to the company's operations.

Blixell added: “The implementation of the Ericsson Customer Acceptance approach by Batelco has demonstrated the benefits and efficiencies that can be achieved in a fast, secure and resourceful manner, and we look forward to future applications of this blockchain-based solution to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.”

The use of the technology has been advocated by blockchain experts due to its tamper-free, traceable, transparent, and secure nature. Over the years, many legacy companies from various industries have launched their own blockchain-based and related services to improve their operations.