The Saudi General TASI closed its trading session for the Monday session at 8653 points, up by 1.1% above the resistance level of 8,500 points, recording its highest level in three years amid trades that reached its value The total is SAR 3.7 billion

This day witnessed the first phase of Tasi joining the FTSE Russell and S&P Emerging Markets Index, which we mentioned in previous reports.

A technical look and recommendations for some shares from the technical reports issued by the Namazon platform for technical analysis before yesterday’s session and compared with closings and for the coming days, the picture is more informative than the platform and the platform speaks for itself

Extra 4003 share, targeting 65 riyals

Saudi Telecom 7030 is bullish and targets 10.75 riyals

Etihad Telecommunications 7020 upward targeting SAR 24

Jabal Omar Development Company shares 4250 bearish, targeting 31.5 and 31.2

Dar Al-Arkan Company 4300 bullish, targeting 11.70 and 12.00 riyals

Riyad Bank 1010 shares are bullish, targeting 24.00 and 24.20

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