The United States is currently one of the strongest economic recovery operations at all. After US GDP declined by more than 31% on an annual basis in the second quarter of 2020, activity is strongly recovered and recorded annual growth rates amounting to 33%, 4% and 6% in the three quarters that followed up to the first quarter of 2021. p>

In fact, the US Federal Reserve has reduced interest rates significantly and pumping unprecedented liquidity, while the US Treasury has provided support for a financial program through measures we have not seen since World War II and the new deal after the great recession in the 1930s.

Monetary policy. On the margin, the federal balance sheet has begun to stabilize, indicating the low demand for exceptional processes of liquidity pump and macroeconomic environment.

> The Fed ends its future guidance or letters on its vision on the position of the Federal Reserve Policy.

In addition, members of the Federal Committee for Open Market are expected to increase interest rates in 2023, after they did not expect any increase in March 2021. and resulted in a shock Tighten in markets and financial conditions in the days following ...