The value of trading of 27 brokerage companies operating in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets has recorded approximately 600 billion dirhams since the beginning of 2023.

Brokerage companies' trades were distributed at 467.9 billion dirhams, the value of trades in the Abu Dhabi market, and 136.5 billion dirhams in the Dubai market. According to UAE financial market data.

The traded volumes recorded about 165.4 billion shares, divided into 85.41 billion shares in Abu Dhabi and 80 billion shares in Dubai, after executing 7.5 million transactions.

International Securities accounted for the largest volume of trading at 265.8 billion dirhams in the two markets, equivalent to 44 percent of the total.

Market maker trades amounted to 48.45 billion dirhams for 8 brokerage companies in the two markets, with 35.27 billion dirhams in the Abu Dhabi market and 13.18 billion dirhams in Dubai.

The trading of brokerage companies affiliated with banks reached 83.27 billion dirhams in the two markets, and they are 7 companies, led by Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities trading with 25.86 billion dirhams, followed by Emirates NBD Securities with 19.68 billion dirhams.

10 brokerage companies, excluding International Securities, controlled 48.55 percent of the total trading, bringing the trading of 11 brokerage companies, including International Securities, to 92.5 percent of the total trading in the two markets, amounting to 559.24 billion dirhams.