At the end of the week ending on the nineteenth of May 2023, the market value of the Arab financial markets declined by 2.3 percent. As a result of its decline in eight Arab stock exchanges, compared to an improvement in five other stock exchanges.

The Arab Monetary Fund said in the weekly bulletin of the Arab financial markets that the Damascus Securities Exchange topped the recorded rise in the market value by 3.14 percent.

The Beirut Stock Exchange recorded an increase of about 1.53 percent, and the stock exchanges of Oman, Bahrain and Casablanca witnessed an improvement of less than one percent.

By the end of the week, the trading value of the Arab financial markets increased by 5.88 percent, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange recorded the largest increase in the trading value by 67.61 percent.

Trading on Arab stock exchanges decreased by 62.83 percent, while the Tunis Stock Exchange topped the Arab stock exchanges in terms of trading volume by 341.32 percent.

The stock exchanges of: Muscat, Kuwait, Damascus, and Palestine recorded an increase of 5.06, 7.04, 12.34, and 31.30 percent, respectively.