Before March 29 and May 26, French President Emmanuel Macron re-presented his distinctive vision of a renewed Europe that he wanted in a message published Tuesday in 28 European countries in which he addressed the impact of the turbulent atmosphere in the continent under the approaching approach. The first supposed date for Britain’s exit from the union and preparing the theater for the second date, where the influential European elections ... but what is the European project for Macron ?!

First ... in 1973, four years before Macron was born, Britain became a member of the European Economic Community, twice after French rejection between 1963 and 1967, which sheds light on the roots of historical sensitivity from Britain’s elusive role in Building a strong European bloc ... which is what retreated to the current Brexit scene and the continuous risks shots that London points at the heart of European unity

This is what made Macron describe the intricacies of the brutal British exit from the union as a state of demolition of all the efforts of the loyal in Europe since 1951 as the first European economic gathering, and Macron added that Europe is a national democratic project and not a market for commercial exchange only according to the concept Brexit, which unfortunately enshrines the minds of more than 342 million European citizens, is significantly affected by the demolition of European values ​​and financially, as the negative repercussions of the decline in the growth of the euro area from 1.9% to less than 1.6% with the completion of the British secession

Second ... Britain is trying to make an early exit, precisely before the European Parliament elections on May 26, with the escalation of possibilities for the European right-wing parties to control the seats of the new parliament, which will have the authority to reject the current agreement between the European Union and Britain, which It has about 73 seats out of 705 seats that are redistributed to members ... which transforms the role of the new parliament with the possibility of a thick British nail from soft protest to the direct obstruction of any agreement by the union.

And this important point raises Macron's fears a lot from the growth of European populism that appeals to US President Donald Trump on the one hand and from a possible electronic influence of Russia on the conduct of European elections on the other hand, leading to the disintegration of the European entity due to the growth of introverting nationalities on themselves, so Macron suggested in his letter to establish The European Agency for the Protection of Democracies has several goals, the most prominent of which are the prevention of funding and foreign support for European parties and the prevention of tampering with the results of the upcoming elections.

Third ... In November 2018, Macron's explicit call for the creation of a united European army, independent of the US-led NATO, that expressed anger at that proposal via Trump, which has been denying the advantages of the US-European coalition in defense affairs came from On the one hand, and casting his criticism on Macron's internal policies on the other hand ... The strange thing is that the yellow jacket demonstrations took their momentum after Trump's criticism of Macron, although it started two weeks before his statement about the European Army, is this a coincidence ?! ...

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