Current price: 12.58

Key point: 12.70

Our preferred direction: buy positions at the highest levels of 12.70, targeting 17.35 as the first target, then 23.00 as the second target.

Alternative scenario: Stop loss and change the trend by breaking the 12.70 level, targeting 11.50 levels

Technical commentary
Thimaar stock with code number 4160 is moving in a downward direction on the daily time frame from the peak of last March, until it reached the pivotal support levels of 12.70-13.75, which are considered the lows of 2016 and 2019.
With the presence of price behavior and a false breakout, then a resumption of the rise above these levels after penetrating the narrow range of movement that currently exists, a rebound and rise is expected for Thimaar stock, and it is considered a very good investment opportunity by targeting levels of 17.35 and then levels of 23.00.