Etihad Atheeb Telecommunications Company announced setting the period for trading priority rights and subscribing to new shares.

The period for trading priority rights and subscribing to new shares will begin on February 12, 2024, and the period for trading priority rights will end on February 19, 2024, provided that the subscription period for new shares continues until February 25, 2024.

The company explained in a statement on Tadawul that holders of priority rights will be able to exercise their right to subscribe (in whole or in part) to the new shares within the limits of the number of priority rights in their portfolios, and the trading of priority rights and subscription to new shares will be in accordance with what the prospectus specifies for registered shareholders and investors. The new ones.

It stated that if unsubscribed shares remain after the end of the subscription period, those remaining shares and fractional shares (if any) will be offered to institutional investors according to what is stated in the prospectus. The underwriter, Alinma Investment Company, will also subscribe to the offering shares that are not subscribed for after the remaining offering.