Data compiled by Cryptorank and Santiment showed that Cardano was the most developed cryptocurrency project on GitHub last year (2021), with more than 140,000 events.< /p>

According to the Coin Telegraph, of the top three, Kusama and Polkadot were in second and third places, respectively, with roughly the same number of events throughout the year, while Cardano beat Ethereum development activity by a wide margin, with the latter taking fourth place.

Sentiment defines a GitHub event as either creating a problem, creating a pull request, commenting on an issue or pulling request, or promoting/highlighting/viewing a code repository , among others.

In a live YouTube session last week, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson revealed that there are approximately 127 projects under development on the Cardano blockchain.

In addition, Hoskinson expects the number of ADA users to grow 10 times compared to the current two million, thanks to the growing popularity of non-destructible tokens, or NFTs.

Cardano's technological advances are also gaining traction after Alonso. One notable blockchain work in progress is the Hydra Layer 2 upgrade, which routes off-chain transactions to storage pools without partitioning the ledger itself.

In theory, it could enable advanced linear scaling of a network with hundreds of Hydra nodes each handling hundreds of transactions.