The Saudi Tadawul stock market witnessed a positive performance at the end of Tuesday’s session, continuing its rise for the ninth session in a row, amid rising liquidity to its highest levels in 9 months.

The general market index, TASI, ended its transactions with an increase of 0.88%, adding 108.68 points to its balance, rising to the level of 12,404.59 points, touching its highest levels since August 30, 2022.

Trading values rose to 11.50 billion riyals, compared to 11.05 billion riyals in the previous session, touching their highest levels since May 31, and quantities rose to 388.46 million shares compared to 378 million shares at the end of yesterday’s session, Monday.

The green color prevailed in the performance of the sectors, as the performance of 13 sectors rose, led by the energy sector, with gains amounting to 2.64%. The performance of the banking sector also increased by about 1.53%, and the communications sector recorded an increase of 0.67%. On the other hand, the performance of 8 sectors declined, led by basic materials, which declined by about 0.52. %.

In terms of stock performance, the gains included 129 stocks, led by Tanmia shares, with an increase of 9.89%, and 85 stocks closed in red, led by Atheeb Communications, which closed down 7%.

Aramco shares recorded the highest trading value at 1.030 billion riyals, and the highest volumes were for Americana shares, with trades amounting to 49.58 million shares.

Regarding the performance of the parallel market, the (maximum growth) index closed with a marginal increase of 0.29%, equivalent to 73.44 points, bringing it to the level of 25,378.92 points.

Al-Rashed Industrial shares topped the gains after rising 6.06%, and the highest losses were for Baladi shares, which recorded a decline of 8.66%.

The general market index, TASI, ended its trading yesterday, Monday, with an increase of 0.71%, adding 86.85 points to its balance, bringing it to the level of 12,295.91 points. It is the highest close since the August 30, 2022 session.