The Saudi stock market ended yesterday's trading session in green, recording its fourth consecutive rise. By supporting the energy and basic materials sectors, amid an increase in liquidity compared to the previous session.

The general market index, TASI, closed up 0.39%, with gains amounting to 46.5 points, reaching the level of 12,071.41 points.

Trading values increased by 9.38 billion riyals at the end of trading, through 320.85 million shares, compared to 8.13 billion riyals, with trades amounting to 294.83 million shares, at the end of yesterday’s session, Monday.

The green color dominated the performance of the sectors, led by the health care sector, which rose by 3.8%, the energy sector rose by 1.73%, and the basic materials sector recorded an increase of 0.37%.

The losses were limited to 3 sectors, led by the banking sector after falling by 0.86%, followed by the food retail sector with a decline of 0.84%, and the communications sector closed with a decline of 0.66%.

In terms of stock performance, the gains included 135 stocks, led by Saudi German Health, with an increase of 9.89%, and 80 stocks closed in red, led by Al Baha stock, which fell 6.67%.

Saudi Aramco shares recorded the highest trading value with about 534 million shares, and the highest volumes were for Americana shares with a quantity of 40.42 million shares.

The parallel market witnessed a marginal increase, with the (maximum growth) index closing up 0.04%, equivalent to 11 points, bringing it to the level of 25,661.52 points.

Future Care stock topped the gains after rising 12.03%, and Burgerizzr stock recorded the highest losses with a decline of 6.81%.

The general market index, TASI, ended Monday’s session up 0.52%, recording its third consecutive increase. In light of the rise in 3 major sectors, amid improved liquidity.