The recent negative news about the spread of a new strain of the Corona virus has cast negative shadows on global markets in general and the Gulf markets in particular.

Gulf markets fell at the beginning of trading today, Sunday, affected by the decline witnessed in global markets the day before yesterday, amid a state of great alertness from the consequences of the new mutated Corona and the newly discovered in South Africa. .

The Dubai market led the Gulf markets' decline today, with a decrease of 4.74%, followed by the Kuwait Stock Exchange by 2.35%, and then the Abu Dhabi Financial Market by 2.31%.

Qatar's stock market came in fourth place, with a decline of 1.97%, then Bahrain in fifth, down by 0.35%, while the Muscat market stabilized, amid anticipation of the start of trading in the Saudi market.

The financial market analysts and experts have unanimously agreed that the decline that hit the Gulf markets in the morning trading is a natural result of the decline that hit the global markets, affected by the negative news of the new mutation of the virus.< /p>