The Oprah Company stated that it had entered into a partnership with Alton Launchbad; To allow Web3 or NFT beginners to easily create NFTs, Cointelegraph reported.

With the integration, users will have access to a feature that allows them to drag and drop media files into the browser, which writes a smart contract and uploads the file to the blockchain, converting the files into non-fungible tokens.

According to Susie Butt, CEO at Opera, this will allow users to explore Web 3 and contribute to the ecosystem. Pat said: Now, our users will be able to generate NFTs instantly and simply with no fees to use the platform, which encourages more people to explore the thriving NFT industry.

By using the tool, the team believes that users without any experience with Web 3 will also be able to access that economy. This means that artists from different backgrounds will be able to create non-fungible tokens in a less cumbersome way.

The tool for minting non-fungible tokens is provided by a company called Alton, a project focused on streamlining workflows. Co-Founder Matt Kamalia said the goal of this integration is to level the playing field for content creators from different backgrounds.

Kamalia added: Our partnership with Opera bridges the technical gap between traditional designs and the Web 3 economy for creators, so that anyone can take advantage of the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies.