Meta, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, may be planning to launch a crypto-enabled payments platform.

According to records submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, on May 13, Meta has filed 5 applications for its name to be used on a platform called MetaPay, As reported by Cowen Telegraph.

The requests included a metaname to be used in an online social networking service for investors that allows financial trading, cryptocurrency exchange, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchain, digital assets, crypto tokens, service tokens. .

In March, Meta8 filed trademark applications with the USPTO related to metaverse technology and blockchain.

On May 9, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said that the company had begun testing digital holdings on Instagram, indicating a move toward adding non-destructible tokens. , or NFTs.

Meta currently controls several major apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook.

Other US-based companies, including producer Gatorade Suckley-Van Camp, the Air Force, the New York Stock Exchange and MasterCard, have submitted similar requests for potential stock exchanges or Expansion in the field of cryptocurrency.

According to the USPTO website, trademark applications are taking approximately 8 months to process the first action as of March.