Burjeel Holding Company, whose shares are to be floated on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, has collected total revenues of 1.1 billion dirhams.

According to Al Khaleej newspaper, the company announced today the successful completion of the subscription and price building process, and the offering price was set at two dirhams per ordinary share, with confirmation of the offering size equal to 550,729,221 ordinary shares, equivalent to 11% of the total issued shares in the company’s capital. .

The Group believes that the offering price of the share provides investors with a valuable transaction that reflects the long-term confidence of the selling shareholder in the growth path taken by the Group and its desire to improve its performance after the listing.

Based on the final offering price, it is expected that the market value of Burjeel Holding upon listing will be approximately 10.4 billion dirhams, and it will become one of the largest private healthcare companies on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization.

The offering witnessed a great demand from investors in the UAE and the region, with subscription requests exceeding several times, as the total demand for the offering amounted to more than 32 billion dirhams, which means that the subscription requests exceeded 29 times.