During Thursday's session, the Saudi stock market witnessed the execution of 3 special deals on 3 shares of Jabal Omar, Sahel, and Sinomi Centers, with a total value of 126.8 million riyals, through 6.150 million shares.

According to Tadawul data, the value of the deal on Jabal Omar shares amounted to about 22.77 million riyals, through 950.47 thousand shares, and the deal was executed at a price of 23.96 riyals.

Jabal Omar shares were traded in Thursday’s session between levels of 24.04 riyals and 23.92 riyals. It is the highest and lowest price of the stock, respectively.

The market also witnessed the implementation of a special deal on Sahl shares worth 67.2 million riyals, through 3.5 million shares at a price of 19.20 riyals.

The Saudi stock market also witnessed the implementation of a special deal on Sinomi Centers shares worth 36.82 million riyals, through 1.7 thousand shares at a price of 21.66 riyals.

It is noteworthy that special deals are orders that are executed through an agreement between a selling investor and a buying investor on specific securities, at a specific price. In accordance with Tadawul regulations and the regulations of the Capital Market Authority.

Special deals do not affect the price of the last deal, the highest and lowest stock prices, the opening price, the closing price, the market index, or sector indices, but they affect trading quantities and values.