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Global trade is expected to decline in the coming months

The economics department of Qatar National Bank (QNB) said t.. Read more

The euro is below the dollar .. the lowest level in 20 years

For the first time in 20 years, the euro fell below $1 on Tu.. Read more

"OPEC"...The pressures of supply shortage will continue next year

OPEC expected global demand for oil to increase next year, b.. Read more

Gold falls as the dollar stabilizes near its highest level in 20 years

Gold fell on Monday, with the dollar's price stabilizing nea.. Read more

Economic News

Crypto currencies
The CEO of "Binance" worries traders.. Find out why

The CEO of crypto exchange Binance, Zhang Ping (CZ) Zhao, alarmed traders after learning about the s... Read more

Crypto currencies
Cryptocurrency thefts will increase 60% in 2022

A recent report from blockchain network analysis firm Chainalysis stated that $1.9 billion worth of... Read more

Crypto currencies
Aconex pulls out of crowded cryptocurrency exchanges

Nasdaq-listed digital asset investment firm Aconex has announced that it will withdraw from crowded... Read more

Crypto currencies
Bitcoin exceeds $25,000

For the first time since mid-June, Bitcoin briefly crossed $25,000, and the momentum was continued b... Read more

Crypto currencies
Ether rises to its highest level in two months

The price of the cryptocurrency Ether surged and reached its highest level in more than two months a... Read more

Crypto currencies
"Bitcoin" rises 3.2% and reaches 23,880 dollars

Billionaire Michael Novogratz, founder of crypto financial services company Galaxy Digital Holdings,... Read more

Crypto currencies
Hackers implicated in the disappearance of $4.8 million from a cryptocurrency exchange

Blockchain investigative firm Picshield reports that nearly $4.8 million in cryptocurrency has been... Read more

Crypto currencies
Chinese bank issues first-ever digital yuan loan

The Agricultural Commerce Bank of Zhangjiagang, located in the Chinese province of Suzhou, announced... Read more

Crypto currencies
Italy's Gucci becomes first major brand to accept IPcoin payments

Italian high-end fashion giant Gucci has become the first major brand to accept payments in the APE... Read more

Crypto currencies
Binance US Will Remove AMP Token Out Of Caution

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance US says it will remove AMP tokens; Out of extreme caution a... Read more

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