Economic news

Economic News

World Markets
The decline of the dollar rises in gold prices

International gold prices witnessed a slight increase by 0.2% in spot trading on Thursday, in light... Read more

World Markets
Oil continues to rise as US inventories fall

International oil prices continued to rise during Thursday's trading, coinciding with the decline in... Read more

World Markets
Bill Gates warns of the rapid spread of Omicron

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has canceled all his plans for the holiday, due to the world entering... Read more

World Markets
Oil prices vary amid anticipation of US inventories and Omicron developments

Oil prices varied during trading on Wednesday, amid anticipation of the release of US inventory data... Read more

World Markets
IPO of 7.64 billion dollars for "China Mobile"

China Mobile, China's largest wireless carrier by revenue, plans to raise 48.7 billion yuan (7.64 b... Read more

World Markets
America's billionaire wealth exceeds $3.5 trillion

Americans' net worth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has increased 45% since the beginning of 20... Read more

World Markets
Oil prices rise despite growing fears of the repercussions of "Omicron"

International oil prices rose on Tuesday, despite growing concerns about the fallout from the new mu... Read more

World Markets
Omicron drops oil prices

Oil prices fell more than 5% today, Monday, and Brent crude fell in futures transactions by nearly... Read more

World Markets
$11 billion in taxes due from Elon Musk in 2021

Tesla CEO and the world's richest person, Elon Musk, said in a tweet on Twitter that he will pay mo... Read more

World Markets
Omicron restores strict precautionary measures ahead of the Christmas holidays

The situation worsened after the outbreak of the Corona Omicron mutant, and the performance of glob... Read more

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