The major shares captured the largest share of the market losses of the Saudi Stock Exchange, led by the Saudi oil giant Aramco, who joined the market at the end of 2019, through an initial offering that is the largest In the world.


According to the data available on the website (Namazon), the general index of the Saudi Stock Exchange fell about 14% in the first half of 2020, with losses amounting to 1165 points, which fell to the level of 7,224.09 Points, compared to 8,389.23 points by the end of 2019.

The market capitalization of shares listed on the Saudi stock market declined by 792 billion riyals during the year 2020, bringing the market value to 8.23 ​​trillion riyals, compared to 9.03 trillion riyals at the end of the year The past.


highest market losses

<10 style = direction: rtl; text-align: right;> 10 shares acquired 91.7% of the market losses of the Saudi Stock Exchange during the year 2020, with a total loss of about 726 billion riyals.


The National Bank came in second place in terms of the highest losses, losing about 36 billion riyals, since the beginning of this year, and until the end of last June, so the bank’s market value fell 24.4% to 112 billion riyals.


As for Al-Rajhi Bank, its market losses during the year 2020 amounted to about 22 billion riyals, bringing the market capital to 13.5% to 142 billion riyals.


The market value of the Saudi Electricity Company lost about 19 billion riyals, to fall to 65 billion riyals, while the market capital of Sabic declined about 17 billion riyals, to 264 billion riyals .


limited gains

On the other hand, a group of stocks managed to offset the decline of the Saudi market, during the year 2020, with limited gains, led by shares of food and retail companies, and some speculation stocks. p> Savola Group recorded the highest market gains among the shares listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange, to raise the company’s market value to about 22.48 billion riyals, at the end of the first half of 2020, with gains of 4.14 One billion riyals.

The second highest gain was for Al-Othaim Markets, which raised ...