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Will gold remain a safe haven asset?

Gold has long been a source of controversy and contention am.. Read more

Global trade is expected to decline in the coming months

The economics department of Qatar National Bank (QNB) said t.. Read more

The euro is below the dollar .. the lowest level in 20 years

For the first time in 20 years, the euro fell below $1 on Tu.. Read more

"OPEC"...The pressures of supply shortage will continue next year

OPEC expected global demand for oil to increase next year, b.. Read more

Special articles

UAE Markets
Alarm and inevitable reforms

The general index of the Dubai market closed Tuesday at 2490 points, and Emaar shares closed at 3.92... Read more

Digital currencies, fact or fiction

2018 went on in a price correction on all cryptocurrencies that made Bitcoin close below the level... Read more

UAE Markets
Race towards the bottom

The global markets are now characterized by moving on deep moving sand rather than stable fertile gr... Read more

World Markets
Oil Barrels and 2019 Challenges

Less than two weeks ago, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said he did not rule out oil prices... Read more

World Markets
Steam boarding for US markets

The Dow Jones industrial average is up to 26,300 points, close to its 2600-point peak in January thi... Read more

World Markets
Scam of Financial Corporate

In the Arab world, trading companies that are delusional and who devour every day in catching victim... Read more

Mohamad Mahdy
Are competitors competing with Dubai !?

Do competitors compete with Dubai ?! It seems that the year 2030 will come with a new map fo... Read more

Bitcoin Magic and Crazy Prices

The Bitcoin seems to have hit everyone with the magic of money and price madness has seen unpre... Read more

World Markets
US Crude Oil Stocks Down By 5.222 Million Barrels Last Week

The American Petroleum Institute said late Tuesday that US crude stocks fell by 5.222 million barrel... Read more

World Markets
Dollar Index Little Changed in Quiet Trade

The dollar held steady against other majors currencies in quiet trade on Tuesday, as investors remai... Read more

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